What is Avalanche Outage Reporter?

Avalanche Outage Reporter is a SaaS product that enables utilities (Power, Water, Gas), to provide a mobile solution to customers so they can report and review outage status.
  • Free Easy Set Up

    Utilities simply provide their customers with a link from their website or emails. Customers can save the app just like a traditional app with a link on their phone.

  • Immediate Outage Reports

    Customers report outages for single or multiple locations directly from their phones. The Control Room see the Reports as markers on a map, data in a grid, and various notification options.

  • Integration Friendly

    Utilities can simply integrate to Avalanche OCP or an OMS to provide real-time outage information about saved locations.

Less calls, more information

Avalanche Outage Reporter reflects our many years of expertise in dealing with outage call management. It provides real benefits to utilities including:
  • Reduced communication costs

    Most call centers cost about $6/call to process a fault call. An outage report via Avalanche Outage Reporter is instant and no cost!
  • Faster identification of issues

    Lower SAIDI/CAIDI costs. More information allows you to identify and resolve faults faster.

Any utility can use it

Avalanche Outage Reporter will operate anywhere in the world. It is smart enough to work out which utility to notify based on the user's location.
  • Integrate into your OMS

    Outage Reporter has a modern webhook API allowing you to collect notifications and update your OMS in real-time.
  • No setup costs

    It's simple for customers to access from a URL link on their smart phone, with no app to install. The Control Room interface is designed for fast identification and response.

Simple, Multi-Network

Outage Reporter supports all your networks in one place; Power, Water and Gas; with configurable causes and information for each network in a simple user interface.
  • Designed for the Control Room

    Outage Reports appear instantly as icons on a map or in a grid with address and cause details and a call back number.
  • Configurable Notifications

    You can configure alerts via TXT or email so you get notified that there is an event, even if the control room doesn’t have AOR open.

Setup in less than 20 minutes

Setup Avalanche Outage Reporter for FREE in less than 20 minutes. Register your utility now and try it for yourself!

Setup Your Utility
  • Use your own branding

    Upload your own logo to brand it as your own web app.
  • Easy definition of your network coverage

    Define your network territory by simply creating a KML file in Google Earth for your utility, or exporting one from your GIS.
  • Immediate customer updates

    No calls, no hassle, customers get updates on all their saved locations through Avalanche OCP integration.
  • Up and working in under 30 minutes..

    Customers deserve to be able to have a fast way to submit this valuable information about outage location and cause.

Have some more questions?

Avalanche Outage Reporter has been designed to be simple! So, here’s some FAQ’s which should answer any questions and help you get up and running.
    1. Click the "Register” button above and just fill out some basic information about your Utility (1 minute).
    2. Verify your email. (1 minute).
    3. Login. Update your logo, notification preferences, review the prefilled Causes and adjust those as required. (5 minutes).
    4. Check out the mobile app and submit your outage report and see how it displays on the map, grid, and when notifications start showing up. (10 minutes)
    5. Build and upload the KML file to define your network supply area (10 minutes), or ask GIS team to provide you with one (1 minute :) )!
    6. Email the link to the Reporter app to your team. (1 minute)
    7. Show your Co-Workers and the management team how clever and productive you have been (Rest of the day).
So about 30 minutes from start, to Hero!

Absolutely! When you set up your organisation in the maintenance area just add a logo, and as if by magic it will appear on the AOR mobile application.

Yes. AOR has a modern real-time webhook API to allow you to push the outage reports straight into your OMS. Details are available at the bottom of the Network Settings page once you have enabled this feature.
  • It's fast, simple to use, and they don't have to install yet another app.
  • The same app works across desktop and mobile.
  • AOR is a simpler way for your customers to report outages and avoid the frustration of long phone queues to report and receive basic information.
  • AOR demonstrates to customers that you care about how they want to get and submit information.
  • Customers can save multiple locations, so if they want to save their house, office, warehouse, holiday home, they can set these up in advance. If the utility is also using Avalanche, then the status of power supply will automatically be shown against that saved location!
Yes! Customers simply click “Report Outages” as a button on your website, a link in an email or PDF you've sent them, or even a link in a TXT/SMS message. This opens their browser at m.outagereporter.net and the Outage Reporter application displays just as shown above, but with your logo/branding! It's your app! Outage Reporter will automatically work out where the customer is located and they can then submit outage reports along with a Cause if known, and a contact phone number so you can call them back for more details. Customers don’t have to download or install anything! They don’t need their account number or meter number (who has those details right there during an outage when it’s pitch black anyway…). As AOR is a PWA customers can even add an app button to their phone home screen so it even looks like an app.
Yes, if you are an Avalanche OCP customer we will automatically connect up AOR so when people save locations they are interested in eg House, Holiday home, Work. Then they can see the real-time status of supply, including planned outages. Contact support if you have any questions about this.

Absolutely!, Avalanche Outage Reporter is a standalone application designed to run independently from Avalanche OCP.

We work with Utilities all over the world and have specific domain expertise and experience in the area of Outages and Operations Management. We thought it would be interesting, and kind of cool to create an app that every utility and their consumers could use anywhere in the world, with immediate benefit. It also helps us prove up new technologies and share that with the community. It's part of taking our industry forward. 

In case anyone asks, NO there are no ads or other monetization, it's a clean operations management tool designed specifically for Utilities.

Like you, AOR comes with extensive utility operations management pedigree, so we are keen for you to try it out. If you like it, (we hope so!) that's awesome and if you think it’s not useful we’d love to hear why!